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BWD Grant Program Templates Updated Feb 2024

BWD Grant Program Templates

Business Plan Templates

1_Grant Guidelines January 2024

FBA Business Plan Template

2_Ataglance Application Process

Concise FBA Business Plan Template

3_eCivis Project Info Form

4_BWD SOW Business Development

US Forest Service Templates

4_BWD SOW Workforce Development

5_BWD Grants Timeline CEQA

FBA WIG Budget Guidance

FBA WIG Budget Template and Guidance

6_BWD FBA Budget Guidance

6_BWD FBA Budget Guidance Template

7_FBA Project Design Guidance

CEQA Process Flowcharts

CEQA Process Flowchart

7_FBA Project Design Guidance & Template

8_WoodProducts Sample Agreement

9_eCivis Portal Submission Goals

10_eCivis User Guide

BWD Equipment Disposition Plan Template

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